MediaHub navigates media, entertainment and technology clients from Hollywood throughout the Big Apple.

Introductions and Connections

Introductions are made to key industry media and technology companies. If we don’t know someone, we know someone who does.

Licensing and Content Sourcing

MediaHub has licensed, sourced and negotiated hundreds of hours of film and TV content. It has contacts with nearly every cable TV programmer and broadcaster in the entertainment industry.

Business Development

MediaHub can provide business development and sales for related companies and organizations, opening doors and generating sales leads.


Strategic Direction – Start-Up’s

We offer start-ups some insight and direction for their new business – we have done many of these and have much to offer for fledgling new companies looking to launch a new service.



Some of our past projects include:


MediaHub is all about connecting people for business while providing strategy and guidance along the way.
Established by William Sager, MediaHub is a boutique consulting agency that has provided its clients with warm introductions and connections for their business since 2011. We offer subject matter expertise in a number of verticals; Media and Entertainment, Technology, Machine Learning, Enterprise Software sales, Cable and Broadcast Television, Streaming SVOD and OTT, and Start-Up’s. We have worked with some of the largest media companies in the world, including Google, Fujitsu, Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable, idealab!, MGM/UA, Verizon Telecommunications and Los Angeles’s legendary ‘Z’ Channel.

Company Info

  • 818-445-0808
  • 120 East 36th Street, Suite 11A, NYC, NY 10016
Bill is one of the most technically astute business executives I have ever worked with. His understanding of the technical details and underpinnings of platforms and software coupled with his business acumen and negotiation skills makes him an excellent and valuable asset to any company. He was always there to jump in and assist any of his co-workers whether it was his job to do so or not when they needed his assistance. A pleasure to work with and a someone I'd look forward to working with again anytime.

Michael T. Clarke

Senior Solutions Engineer at mGage, a Vivial Company
Bill helped us jump start our VOD division for our company with three MSO's, Comcast, Cox and Time-Warner. He was an invaluable resource, dedicated team player and understood the cable industry and the business of television and its medium - he made a significant impact in our business. He was also instrumental in assisting us with our data sales efforts across the country. I'd recommend him 100% and work together with him at any time again in the future.

Stuart S. Shapiro

Founder CEO at Night Flight
William Sager is a top level Strategic Sales Hunter. He was my peer at MCI in the Hosting organization. It was my first direct sales job. William took me under his wing. While at Verizon Business (MCI), I witnessed Bill close the biggest Hosting Deal that the MCI had ever had when he closed Vivendi. William has a great ability to build relationships at executive level. He understands his solutions and his target market. I highly recommend him. He is a great salesman and leader. I learned a lot watch this professional!

Wendell McAdoo

Senior Global Account Executive at CenturyLink Business
William and I worked together for several years at SoftMD. He was able to negotiate several significant company agreements, provide technical guidance to the operation of the organization and was key in providing strategy and direction for the company on an ongoing basis. Always a pleasure to work with and insightful, he helped the company mature and grow during its formative stages by his understanding and ability to grasp and explain the organizations key value proposition to outsiders and investors alike. I look forward to and welcome having the opportunity to work with him again.

Paul Satenstein, CPA

Chief Financial Officer/Turnaround Specialist
You would be hard pressed to find another executive with the technical and web industry know-how that Bill comes equipped with. I had the great pleasure of working with him on Hipcricket/Augme's SaaS platform initiative and was consistently impressed with his knowledge of business development strategies. In addition, he was admired by everyone he worked with for his willingness to get his hands dirty for the greater good - teaching himself how to use the platform in order to mimic the SaaS user experience, helping the dev team optimize it for usability. Of course, none of this would matter if he wasn't a friendly, outgoing, fun guy in the office. Lucky for us, he is! I can't recommend Bill enough and would work with again without hesitation. I sincerely hope our professional paths cross again in the not too distant future!

Kal Helbling, MBA, PMP, CSSGB

Assistant Director at MailChimp
William and I worked together and was instrumental helping me to setup my most recent eCommerce venture. He jumped in with both hands and was able to immediately grasp what we were attempting to accomplish quickly and with little instruction, oversight or management. He successfully introduced the concept to the key decision makers, negotiated our contracts with them and enabled us to get up and running under plan and under budget. He was key in preparing the operations and content for the venture and I'd gladly ask him to work with me again in any in the future. He was professional, courteous, a team player and technically proficient - well able to deal and innovate with our backend platform and problem solve around any other technical hurdle that we encountered. I would personally recommend him again to any company needing solid business and technical talent.

Dan Austin

Strategy, Digital, Content Marketing, Lead Gen, Biz Dev


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